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帮父母做家务-释义:Helping parents do housework

do the housework等同于do chores 做家务 1.wash/do the dishes 洗盘子刷碗; 2.wash out sinks/bathtub/toilet/living room 冲洗水槽/浴盆/厕所(马桶)/起居室; 3.clean/sweep (the) floor 扫地; 4.dust furnitures 为家具除尘; 5.wipe windows/tables/

一, help parents do housework at home on Sunday I like to help my parents do housework, especially on Sunday. I know my parents have done a lot of work and housework during weekdays, so I think to the way to thank my parents is to do my best

洗碗:wash/do the dishes 拖地:mop the floor 扫地:sweep the floor 洗衣服:wash the clothes 烧饭:do the cooking 整理房间tidy (up) the room 擦窗clean the windows 铺床make the bed 摆放餐具set the table 刷墙paint the walls 煮餐点cook the

do housework 洗碗:wash the dishes 拖地:mop the floor 扫地:sweep the floor 洗衣服:wash the clothes 烧饭:do the cooking 好像就这些家务了,还有什么吗?

1.wash dishes 洗盘子刷碗;2.wash out sinks/bathtub/toilet 冲洗水槽/浴盆/厕所(马桶);3.clean/sweep (the) floor 扫地;4.dust furnitures 为家具除尘;5.wipe windows/tables/chairs 擦玻璃/桌子/椅子;6.cook meals 做饭;7.make the bed 铺床;8.tidy (up) the room 整理房间;9.arrange books on the shelf 整理书架上的书;10.wash clothes 洗衣服.

clean the house, do housework, wash clothes, sweep the floor, make the bed, cook supper, make tea, do some shopping, clean the window, look after the baby

扫地sweep the floor 拖地mop the floor 整理房间tidy (up) the room 擦窗do the windows 洗碗do dishes 铺床make the bed 摆放餐具lay the table刷墙paint the walls 煮餐点cook the meals浇花water the vegetable/flowers

sweep the floor dust the furniture fold the clothes water the plants walk the dog paint the wall clean the room wash the vegetables set the table wash the dishes

clean the restroom 打扫厕所 mop the floor 拖地 clean out the closet 整理衣柜 clean the window 清洁窗户 buy the food 买食物 buy the daily necessities 购买日用品 wash the rice 洗米 clean the pot 洗锅 clean out the sundries 整理杂物 clean the table 收拾饭桌

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