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一般现在时:We run every morning.一般过去时:I got up at 6:00 yesterday.现在进行时:Look,they are dancing.Listen,she is singing.I am playing basketball now.过去进行时:She was watching TV at7:30 yesterday.现在完成时:I have learned English for 2 years.过去完成时:He had rembered 1000 words by the time of last term.

动词时态 1. We _____ with you for the time being. A. will stay B. will be staying C. would stay D. have stayed 2. Who sings best in your class? Mary _____.


英语一般现在时态练习题 一般现在时:表示经常性的事情 时间状语: often 经常, usually通常, always 总是,every每个 ,sometimes 有时,at …在几点钟 只有在第三人称单数用动词的“三单变化”,其他用动词的原形.三单变化:1.多数在

1.Look!That man_(open)the door of your car. 2.The moon_(go)round the earth. 3.I must go now.It_(get)late. 4.Let's go out.It_(not/rain)now. 5.Julia is vera good at languages.She_(speak)four languages very well. 6.Hurry up!Everybody_(wait)for you. 7.

一、用所给词的适当形式填空:1.He______swimming in the river every day in ( )4.By the end of last year he______about 1500 English words.A. learns B.learned C.was

1. Listen! Some of the girls ________ about Harry Potter. Let's join them. A. are talking B. talk C. will talk D. talked2. Our teacher, Miss Chen, ________English on the radio the day bore yesterday. A. teaches B. taught C. will teach D. had taught3.

常插在call与up 之间. 【例:】 (1) I forgot to call up Mr. Jones yesterday although I promised to call him up exactly at three o'clock. 我昨天忘记打电话给钟斯先生,虽然我答

一般过去:I had apples yesterday!一般现在:I have nothing with me!一般将来:I will meet you in the classroom.过去进行:He was wathching tv when I called him. 现在进

初中英语动词时态练习请用正确的动词和时态填入下列各词: 1. He __________ back a month ago. (come) 2. My mother often tells me __________ in bed. (not read) 3. I must take it back the day after tomorrow. You can only __________ it for 24

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