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定语从句不是名词性从句That is why he was absent from the meeting.That is why he did not attend the meeting.这个表语从句是名词性从句

主语从句属于名词性从句一下都用的是主语从句来翻译1 how to tackle the financial problem in such a short time is a big problem2that you would come to london was the best news i had ever heard3that he failed in the game again was a fact4that

3,he requests that them help him find the information. 宾语从句4, the question is who give away the secret.表语从句5,they come to a conclusion that female can live longer than male. 同位语从句6, I would like to emphasize that we should think twice

1. That's why they could keep their promise.2. The important thing is how to face failure.3. My wish is that we could always stay in touch.4. They can not rule out the possibility that the storm will attack this region.5. His requirement is that they could help

1.It doesn't make much difference whether he attends the meeting or not. 2.It is strange that she should have failed to see her own shortcomings. 3.I told him that because of the last condition, I'd have to turn it down. 4.He has informed me when

首先我们要明白什么是名词性从句.名词性从句是由if, whether, that 和各种疑问词充当连接词所引导的从句,其功能同名词一样.主要有以下四种: 一.主语从句 二.宾语从句 三.表语从句 四.同位语从句 1.那个消息,即我们班赢得了比赛,是真的

“我们都知道我们要努力学习”We all know that we must study hard.【宾语从句 】【What is known to us all】 is【 that we must work hard】.【主语从句】【表语从句】【It is known to us all】 that we must work hard.【主语从句】【That we must work hard】 is known to us all.【主语从句】The fact 【that we must study hard】 is known to us all.【同位语从句】 祝你学习进步,时时开心!O(∩_∩)O~~

how在名词性从句中是连接副词,在句中不做主要成分.how引导名词性从句有如下几种情况: 1. 表方式、方法,相当于the way in which.可译作“怎样、怎么”.例如: I didn't know how he came here. 2. 表程度上的感叹,可译作“多么…

不直译 what在引导名词性从句时有两个重要的特点:一是它在相应的名词性从句中一定有含义,常表示“什么”,“所…的”,“…的样子”等.二是它在相应的名词性从句中一定做成分,而且常做主语,宾语或表语一.引导主语从句 1)What we

We think it our duty that we should help others主语 谓语 形宾 宾补 真宾语(从句作宾语)

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