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You are the most precious.

precious 和 valuable 用来说人都不合适 precious指珍惜的/珍贵的(通常是宝物) valuabale 指有价值,但有价值不代表在情感上珍贵不能直译最好的说法是: You are everything to me. (你就是我的一切)

You are the only one!或者You are the most precious person!

You are the most precious (你最珍贵 或是 你是最珍贵的) 一个意思.有帮助请采纳下

你最珍贵You are the most precious.你别皱眉Please don't frown!-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

You are most precious 你最珍贵

这个是你最珍贵的, 我就要你最珍贵的.对应的英语:That's the one you like mostly. I want to have it too.

You are important person for me, my happiness comes from youYou are the most precious - seven princessNo matter when to accompany in your side, give you my loveYou please tell your lonely tired recentlyLet your shoulders no longer alone with

翻译如下:在我心中你最珍贵You are the most precious and cherished one in my heart.

you value most

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