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1.Mary,I am leaving you. Mary,我不等你了. 2.It takes a little time. 需要一点时间. 3.Can you keep an eye on my bag? 帮我照看一下包好吗? 4.Absolutely! 绝对地; 完全地 Absolutely Don't Study English. 《千万别学英语》 5.Are you used to the

00:03.10]i don't care where we go as long as we don't have to stand in line. 不管去哪里,只要不用站着排队就行.[00:14.04]she likes mike a lot, but she doesn't want to get married so early. 她喜欢迈克,但她不想那么早就结婚.[00:24.33]why don

日常商务英语口语 状况1:第一次和客户见面 a:您好吗?wise先生,很高兴认识您. how do you do? mr wise. glad to meet you! b:您好!李先生,我也很高兴认识您. how do you do! mr li. glad to meet you too. 状况2:和老客户见面 a:嗨!

寒霜被称作白银,火焰龙和夜乌鸦为我奏乐⑤我不想转过头去看,心惊肉跳,我们在窗边拥抱,人们在街上望我们,思索那攫住皮提亚的死亡气氛, 是后的中精神爽哈哈

我知道e线口语,ABC先下在线口语,意格英语挺.好.的,在线英语学习,很喜欢这里的老师,客服都很热心,学习内容确实对英语帮助很大,可以自己去看看听听课.日常商务英语口语 状况1:第一次和客户见面 A:您好吗?Wise先生,很高兴


1、A:喂,亨利在吗?B:我就是,您哪位?A:Hello.Is Henry in?/Hello.Is Henry there please?B:This is Henry.Who's speaking?/Who's that speaking?/Who's calling?2、打电话的人要找的人不在 A:打电话来的人 B:你 (接电话的人) A:May I

1: Do you remember reading Grimm's Fairy Tales when you were little?2:The Brothers Grimm?Yes,of course!My favorite was Hansel and Gretel,about the children who are abandoned in the woods by their wicked step-mother.1:My favorite is

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