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along the way 一路上;沿途;一路走来 例句 1.But, now I struggle with those damned marketing campaigns that we were all supposed to somehow learn along the way. 但是,现在我正和那些我们都应该用某种方式学习的该死的营销战役做斗争...

歌曲名:Along The Way 歌手:Ashley Parker Angel 专辑:Soundtrack To Your Life Along the way (Artist: ashley parker angel) from jjlovexx Firefly, can I have a light? It's so dark out here, My shadow looked me in the eye, like I was...

1、along the way 沿着这条路 : 2、并没有during the way 这种说法。


the beauty of the journey is found in ...的中文翻译 the beauty of the journey is found in the scenery along the way 沿途的美丽是在沿途的风景中找到的

C 试题分析:考察形容词短语作定语。本句中含有形容词短语be dressed in…穿着…;句中的写出dressed是由动词dress转换而来。形容词短语dress in long wool coats是对前面的名词children进行的修饰。句意:在路上穿着长长的羊毛外套的学生停下来...

along the way 一路上;沿途;一路走来 例句 1.Otherwise you're going to waste some of that heat somewhere along the way,some of energy. 否则你就必须在这个过程中,浪费一些热量。 2.They don't always stop to ask for guidance, but in...


歌曲名:Lost Along The Way 歌手:Staind 专辑:Illusion of Progress Staind - Lost Along The Way We Change The Rhyme Forget The Reason Waiting For The Change Of Season Drawing Near It's Almost Here So Save Tonight Forget Tomorrow Sa...

along the way 一路上 along the way 英 [əˈlɔŋ ðə wei] 美 [əˈlɔŋ ði we] 事情正在发生或你正在做某件事的那段时间;随着时间的推移

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