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Pressures in College Life 大学生压力 双语例句 权威例句 1. Today's college students face many pressures, mainly from parents' expectation,study, economy, employment and all kinds of competition. 跟读 今天的大学生面临许 多压力,主.

College Pressure I see two kinds of pressure working on college students today: economic pressure, parental pressure. It is easy to look around for rebels-- to blame the colleges for charging too much money, the parents for pushing their children too



大学生面临压力做什么 给你提供一点小小的帮助 ,请不要吝啬点击“好评”谢谢.)

Some parents rent close by hotel during the colledge entrance exams to accompany their children. is this neccessary for them to do so? 75% of the students think this is wasting money and does not help, yet, makes them even more nervous; rest of

1. Learning pressure, appropriate relax.2 the emotional learning difficulties, I can communicate with others to solve the difficulties.3 a new semester, I want to learn English well to strengthen my English level.4 go out to travel


Nowdays, we Chinese college students could feel that we are full of pressures.Especially to those who just graduated could feel all kinds of pressures from the society and from our parents,etc.The living pressure is the biggest pressure that every

My name is Li Hua, my classmates and I apparently feel more and more pressed and we find it hard to adjust ourselves. Most of those pressures are from parents and teachers, cause the college enrance exam is approaching. Over pressures make

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