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堂兄弟姊妹;表兄弟姊妹 first cousin 堂兄弟姊妹 distant cousin 远表兄妹 second cousin 远房堂或表兄弟姊妹

cousin n.堂[表]兄弟姊妹; 远亲,同辈; [英][kzn][美]['kzn] Her cousin, a hairdresser, was perming her hair as a special treat.她表兄是美发师,正在免费给她烫发.


cousin 表妹 cousin 英[kzn]美['kzn] n.堂[表]兄弟姊妹; 远亲,同辈 网络 表/堂兄弟姐妹; 亲戚; 表亲 复数:cousins

你好!cousin 英[kzn] 美['kzn] n. 堂[表]兄弟姊妹; 远亲,同辈; [例句]My cousin Mark helped me表兄马克帮了我.

cousin[英][kzn][美]['kzn] n.堂[表]兄弟姊妹; 远亲,同辈; 复数:cousins 例句:1.He now shares a small room with his mother, his wife, a cousin, an aunt and several other people. 现在他和母亲、妻子、一个表兄、一个姑母及其他几个人共住一个小房间.

cousin[英]['kzn][美]['kzn]n.堂[表]兄弟姊妹; 远亲,同辈;

cousin表示堂(表)兄弟姐妹 没有性别的变化

cousin 英 ['kz()n] 美 ['kzn] n. 堂兄弟姊妹;表兄弟姊妹词组短语:first cousin堂兄弟姊妹distant cousin远表兄妹second cousin远房堂或表兄弟姊妹英文解释及例句:N-COUNT Your cousin is the child of your uncle or aunt. 堂兄弟姐妹; 表兄弟姐妹例:My cousin Mark helped me to bring in the bags.我表弟马克帮我把包提了进来.

cousin 英[kzn]美['kzn]n. 堂[表]兄弟姊妹; 远亲,同辈;[网络] 表亲; 表; 表哥;[例句]My cousin Mark helped me.表兄马克帮了我.[其他] 复数:cousins

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