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i hAvE grown up作文

now i have grown up, that is no longer the boy, now i can help my mother do housework, help father work. i will do my best to become an excellent student, learned how to powerful and self-reliance. i want to face life with a smile, i think to glory. i

now i have grown up.iam not the boy when i am small.i have been taller than before.i hold that i will be a man to help person what i can do.today's me go to school by myself.help help mum with the housework .i am going to try my best to be a good child.

I am old enough, but, mom wasn't let me doing things. finally one day, i use a thing bring my mother leting me do things. ago, i always unconscious, not to play the piano. mother urged me to play the piano, and, as long as my mother does not at

I have grown up, I could not look like the before such seeing fine toy again two to see stars,I in could not look like before such, in order to look the television attacked brutally.I

The new year is coming, it means that I am older, I am not the little girl any more, I must make something different from the old me. Before, I was so lazy to do the housework, when my mother asked me to do it, I would make some excuses and then

开头:I have grown up. I am no longer a baby.我已经长大了,不再是一个孩子.结尾: I am getting into my stride, independent from parents, I am learning bit by bit, slowly by slowly. I have more responsibilities now, everyone will be watching to see

There is a saying, A girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood . I just had my eighteen years birthday. It s certain that I have grown much more

When I helped my mom clean the room last night,she smiled and said,"you've grown up."I've been grown up,haven't It's true that I can help my mom.On the one hand,I can

I am not a child any more .So,dear mother and father ,please don't treat me as a little baby like before since I have grown up. I can do an large amount of housework by myself.I

After I go to school, teachers always tell me to study hard, so that I can be the excellent student. But now I have grown up, I have my own idea. The reason for me to study hard is to return my parents' love. When they are old, I can make a lot of money

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