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lEts go to my stAr

Barbie Girl哘乎頁宸倖

袋瀧咄泌和Modoo jejangshini aniya dadeul michyuhkagoman issuhUhneu noogool miduh uhjjimiduh nuhneun motmiduhNooga noogool yokhaneunguhya keuruhneun nuh uhlmana ggaekkeuthae Nuhna halguhsuhbshi sesangsoke

低傍議哘乎頁SHE議supper star 丶祥梧北匯帙端遊祥伉祐 厘短腎尖氏厘峪湖鞭低議湖鞭 低勣吏陳恠委厘痩至匆揮恠 万葎低彭阻徴藻彭嗤焚担喘 低頁窮低頁高低頁率匯議舞三 厘峪握低 you are my super star 低麼墸厘括維短嗤厚挫議一隈 峪嬬握

Lets Go To My Star LeejungHyun 2 (PEACE) Magic to go to my star I love natural Summer Party - Special Album Heaven /(Come On) Passion Wa - come on

ゞ端敬弼玲〃頁昆忽梧返川寢詫侭蟹議DJ玲爆,梧爆圻兆頁ゞ算渠〃(嗽各ゞ個延〃),哂猟兆:change,辺村噐川寢詫議廨辞ゞLets Go To My Star〃嶄.

梧爆: Lollipop Luxury S-T-A-R/‐梧返議侖(Jeffree Star)/ S-T-A-R (What?)/(焚担?) S-T-A-R (Queen bitch)/(銚昂) S-T-A-R I'm on the top/厘媼象貧了 There's no luck/短嗤焚担縦侑辛冱 Never turned around to stop/喟垓艶觀附斑厘唯和

忖中吭房祥頁^厘議佛佛奕担劔 ̄燕崛謀頃徨議謎房虫誡詒緑What 'bout my star?What 'bout my star?Baby どうしそい?荷忿(そうじょう)ハンドリぎゃっと燐(にぎ)ってもうスタンバィ(Do you ) want my heart &want my love?NO!?んも


jewel stay here forever 込込,祥頁宸遍晴.弌吭房,

our time - lily allen it's 2 am so i just stop the music 争蛙2泣,侭參厘唯峭咄赤 i'm still swaying like i was on a cruise ship 厘挽隼辧畏駑卻敗斷史厶陵貧 took the words straight out on my mouth 岷俊用笥遇竃嗤三岷俊傍 come on everybody back to

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