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line up with 与…对齐 例句: ●Line up with runners of similar ability. 和水平相似的参赛者一起排队。 ●They tend to line up with the working people more and more. 他们越来越倾向于和劳动人民站在一起.


你好。line up with翻译成中文是:排队。 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

line up 排队 play with同…一起玩 put on 穿上;上演;增加;假装;使…上场

已发,请查收! 望采纳! =) 要尽快下载免过期喔!

Fresh water load line 淡水载重线 Fridays and ...Lay up 搁置不用 Leg (of a voyage) 航段 ...Used in conjunction with a tilt chassis or ...

这种按照每周上升和下降的分类法不符合自然的周期循环~~ 楼上的是用谷歌翻译的吧??别误人子弟。。。。

Line me up! Ifthere ain’t a line around the block, don’t. 翻译下面...theclouds -- a steel and concrete giant with the waist of a super model...


1.line up from younger to older 从年轻的到年龄大的排列 2.that was a busy weekend 那是一个很忙的周末 3 i had fun with cousins every day 我每天和表兄弟姐妹在一起都很快乐 4.Where did i put the pictures ? 我把照片放哪啦? 5.I am go...

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