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line up with 与…对齐 例句: ●Line up with runners of similar ability. 和水平相似的参赛者一起排队。 ●They tend to line up with the working people more and more. 他们越来越倾向于和劳动人民站在一起.

line1 KK: [] DJ: [] n.[C] 1. 绳,线,索 She hung the wash on the line. 她将洗好的衣服晾在绳子上。 2. 线条 Draw a line from A to B. 从A点划一条线到B点。 3. 列,排;(等待顺序的)行列 There is a long line at the ticket office. 售票处排...

barking have been disturbing us as we are often up all night with the ...If you hear the alarm, stand in line at the door and wait your teacher...

line up 排队 play with同…一起玩 put on 穿上;上演;增加;假装;使…上场

Fresh water load line 淡水载重线 Fridays and ...Lay up 搁置不用 Leg (of a voyage) 航段 ...Used in conjunction with a tilt chassis or ...

So tired of the straight line厌倦了走直线 And ...That you make up for all that you lack以弥补你...5 Sarah brigh-here with me[00:18.43]I didn'...

Line me up! Ifthere ain’t a line around the block, don’t. 翻译下面...theclouds -- a steel and concrete giant with the waist of a super model...


意思是:“将芯片沿正中排号并且与统一信息存储系统管后部齐平”。 CISS: 信息存储系统(Consolidated Information Storage System)


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