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原来的意思是:很好,这样就行啦。应该是肯定的话。 但是,用在某些场合(如上级对下级),也有不耐烦的意思。

图片上应该是 Dear , will that do ?

歌曲名称:Poison 歌手:Rita Ora 所属专辑:Poison 歌曲时长:3分23 歌曲语言:英语 歌词: I could have beer for breakfast My sanity for lunch things thai l will do Tryin' to get over how bad I want you so much Innocence for dinner...

i promise that i will do my homework by my own.

你好,选用for . That will do( FOR )now.We will find it next time;(今天我们到此为止;以后另找时间.) DO FOR STH.===BE SUITABLE/ ENOUGH FOR STH.适合,足够. 又如,THAT'S ALL for TODAY.(今天就这样吧) / 1000 yuan will do for this shor...

All That I Can Ldy Lickem 歌词: [ Hook ] No one will ever stop me, i will do all that i can. i will fight for my needs, i will do all that i can. [ Verse One ] No one can ever stop me, i will do all i can dont underestimate me...

In line with the conviction that I will do whatever it takes to serve my country even at the cost of my own life, regardless of fortune or ...

Don't underestimate the things that I will doThere's a fire starting in my heartReaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the darkThe scars ...


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