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wE ArE造句并回答

We are friends 我们是朋友 We are very happy 我们 很幸福 We are students 我们是学生

we are children.我们是孩子.we are all kind to you. 我们对你们都很友好.

we are friends

where are the kids?they are on the playground.

where is your pen?可以把最后一个单词换成其他名称1.where is your mother?2.where is your father?3.where is your brother?4.where is your sister?5 where is your uncle?6.where are your parents?7.where are your classmates?8.where are your keys

Are you feeling cold? Yes, I am.Are you feeling hot? No, I'm not .Are you feeling terrible?Yes, I am.Are you feeling better ? No, I'm not.

we are asleep.我们在熟睡.we are sleeping.我们在睡觉.asleep代表熟睡(不过我怎么总感觉asleep还能表达很困的意思呢,额,这句话请忽略)

i never smile at people who are rude to me.我决不会向对我无礼的人微笑.successful are those who are willing to take pains.成功的人都是那些肯努力的人.it's time to speak up for those who are suffering injustice.现在该为蒙受不公正对待的人们

他们是学生 They are students Are these pens ? 这些是钢笔吗? We are in Class One 我们是在一班 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你

are we good friends? no,we aren't

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